General Sessions

General Sessions

Gain access to the best and brightest innovators and speakers! CAMX offers dynamic keynote presentations from groundbreakers and innovators from the world’s leading companies like Apple, Tesla, the World Cup, Oracle, and more. Share in these special presentations with any Conference registration or Exhibit Hall Pass.


Opening General Session

Open to all attendees and exhibitors, CAMX 2020 will kick off with an exciting General Session and the CAMX Award presentations. The CAMX Awards recognize innovation in the industry. This innovation theme continues with our keynote address.

2019 Keynote Speaker

CAMX 2019 kicked off with an exciting General Session, open to all attendees and exhibitors, featuring Vicki Holt, CEO of Protolabs. Protolabs is a bold manufacturing company that is creating disruption in manufacturing with a fresh, creative business model that is digitizing traditional manufacturing processes and enabling their clients to design, test and produce parts quickly, getting to market faster with smaller runs of customized products. The company has been named one of Forbes “Best Small Companies to Work” twice and has increased revenue by 160% in recent years. Holt will share with CAMX why the way manufacturing is done needs to be rethought and approached differently in order to meet the needs of the future. From robotics and AI to 3D printing, prototyping, and employee leadership, everyone in the audience will leave impressed, inspired, and ready to think about customer service, manufacturing, engineering, leadership and management differently.

Holt has served as President and CEO for Protolabs since 2014. Prior to Protolabs, Holt served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Spartech Corporation, a leading producer of plastic sheet, compounds and packaging products. Prior to that, she worked at PPG Industries, serving as Senior Vice President, Glass and Fiber Glass.”

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2019 Closing Luncheon

Composites are being used to revolutionize sports. They help athlete’s better their performance and protect them. Athletes are taking notice of the “composites difference”, and sporting goods companies are responding by incorporating composites into their products. Join us for lunch, networking, and hear our panel of experts who will discuss some of the equipment trends for the sports they manufacture and design for, the benefits of composites and how composites can become more common place in sports. We’ll also discuss how the current political climate regarding tariffs and the workforce shortage in the United States are affecting production and sourcing. This is sure to be an interesting discussion that will help you watch your favorite sporting events with a new “composites” lens.

2019 Moderator

Our moderator, Max Thouin, Hexcel, is an engineer by trade, and a true sport enthusiast. He has a strong technical background with extensive knowledge of design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and marketing of high-end composite products, including sporting equipment. His career has enabled him to combine his passion for both composites and sports, and he brings this passion with him to CAMX as the moderator of the Closing Luncheon. Max’s career has included time at True Temper Sports, Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites. He is currently as a sales development manager at Hexcel.


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