Conference Tutorials

Virtual conference tutorials offer attendees the opportunity to take a deeper dive into topics most interesting to our industry. These virtual classes connect attendees and instructors for in-depth learning, with demonstrations or hands-on materials.

Making a Composite Part: From Concept to Reality

The tutorial will cover the basics of material selection, part design, process selection and part verification. For those who are new to working with composites or are not familiar with all aspects of making a composite material part, this tutorial will give you the opportunity to learn what is needed from concept to production of a part. We will discuss the interactions of all aspects of composite design and see how important each step is to creating a perfect part.

Ronda Coguill | Chief Technical Officer, Highland Point, Inc.

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing and Composite Tooling Applications

Additive manufacturing (AM) is an innovative process that when properly implemented can have a profound impact on a company. AM is not one process but many that each have particular strengths and weaknesses. We will focus on understanding the processes, materials and applications used across the AM industry. Understanding the promulgation of misconceptions and sorting out the hype from the true value is important to implementing an AM program.

One of the key technologies to manufacturing composite parts is quality tooling. Additive manufacturing has the promise of reducing the cost and the lead time significantly over traditional tooling for composite manufacturing. Aerospace has been working to qualify processes, materials and methods for both production and prototype tooling. Years of research between leading companies, research laboratories and OEMs have continuously yielded exciting new results.

Companies can routinely process a variety of tooling materials from room temperature applications with thermoplastics like ABS and Polycarbonate to high temperature materials such as PPS, PSU, PESU and Ultem.

Additive manufacturing can be effectively implemented with some basic understanding and some simple strategies.

Rick Neff | CEO, Rick Neff, LLC

Sustainability in the Composites Industry

This tutorial will look at how composites can make the world more sustainable, and how we can make composites more sustainable. It will cover the main recycling routes for composites and some practical waste management issues. In the second half we will look at understanding impact and design for the environment from the start of a project. Finally, we will take a look at practical solutions that we can engage with now, and how we can each make an impact in our sphere of influence.

Stella Job| Sustainability Manager, Composites UK

Non-Destructive Inspection & Evaluation for Composites & Bonded Structures

This tutorial is designed to provide an overview of current non-destructive methods and techniques used to inspect and evaluate composite structures in both manufacturing and repair environments. The presentation is designed for anyone looking to learn more about common NDI/NDE practices.

Lou Dorworth  | Direct Services Manager, Abaris Training

Thermoplastic Composites: Materials, Markets, Applications

This detailed tutorial will explore how and why thermoplastic composites have recently grown in popularity by diving into both the research and commercial application sides of this material. Attendees will learn about thermoplastic composites’ commercial history, value proposition, relevant markets, competitive materials, and baseline composite date.

Jonathan Sourkes | Senior Account Manager, TxV Aero Composites
Robert G. Bryant | Senior Research Materials Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center


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