Conference Program

  1. CAMX 2018 Featured Sessions
    Advancements in Additive Manufacturing of Composites Enabling Real-World Structural Applications

    Moderator: Jim Fisher, NDCMM, Director of Operations


    • Travis Lathrop, Markforged, Strategic Applications Engineer
    • Wiener Mondesir, Arevo, Co-Founder, CTO
    • Lonnie Love, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Corporate Fellow and Group Leader
    • Tim Schniepp, Stratasys, Sr. Director – Composite Solutions

    Additive manufacturing experts will participate in a panel discussion to discuss the latest advancements in 3D printing of composites. Various forms of 3D printing have been available for many years, but weak physical properties have limited applications that required any structural properties. Recent developments in materials, computing technology, and large-scale equipment are now enabling new applications that compete with traditional methods. Each of the four panelists will provide a 20-minute presentation of their work in this area and then participate in a combined 40-minute question and answer session.

    Composite Repair

    Moderator: Mike Hoke, Abaris, President

    Adhesive Bonding of Hybrid Structures

    Moderator: Mick Maher, Maher & Associates


    • Rob Jensen
    • Paul Oldroyd
    • Giles Dillingham, BTG Labs, CEO, Chief Scientist

    The ability to bond hybrid structures has been a challenge since materials were first glued together. Bonded structures have been shown to be the most efficient and effective use of joining materials. Doing this with dissimilar materials brings on challenges with mismatches in CTE, thermal conductivity, stiffness, and strength. Yet the ability to combine different materials offers new capabilities in designing multifunctional structures, that will provide lower cost and weight platforms. For this reason, the aerospace and automotive market places are moving towards using this technology as much as possible on their new platforms, but it has been a difficult path. The uncertainty surrounding the initial state of the bond, damage tolerance and durability has had a detrimental effect on true adoption the technology and the associated benefits in cost and weight savings. With this panel, we have assembled leading experts representing design, manufacturing, materials, testing, and the en user to discuss the benefits and challenges still facing adopting this critical technology. Areas to be covered include case studies, concerns that need to be addresses, and where is the technology headed.

    Automation of Layup and Inspection – Best Practices and How to Get There

    Moderator: Robert Harper, Fives Group

    Design of Composites – Challenges and Opportunities

    Moderators: Bob Yancey, Autodesk, Director – Manufacturing and Production Strategy & Mike Spellman, Autodesk, Director – Composites


    • Andrew Maxey, Vartega, Founder and CEO
    • Giovanni Nino, Quest Integrated, Director – Composites R&D
    • Wiener Mondesir, Arevo, Co-Founder, CTO

    Panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities in regard to designing with composites. Session will focus primarily on new manufacturing methods and new material forms and the challenges these present to existing design tools.

    Composites 4.0

    Featured Speakers:

    • Brench Boden, AFRL
    • Dr. Bronwyn Fox, Swinburne University of Technology, Director – Manufacturing Futures Research Institute
    • Avner Ben-Bassat, Plataine, CEO
    • Scott Quinn, GE Aviation, Digital Playbook Leader, Ceramic Matrix Composites

    As the Industry 4.0 concept gains traction, this track discusses how concepts like automation, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, and cloud computing can impact the Advanced Composites industry.

    Development of Multifunctional and Green Composites for Aerospace and Beyond

    Featured Speaker: : Xiaosu Yi, AVIC Composites Corp./Univ. of Nottingham Ningbo China

    Digital Manufacturing

    Featured Speaker: : Denise Swink, SMLC


Briana Condon, SAMPE