Complimentary Education

Complimentary Education

Deep learning, knowledge sharing, and dynamic demonstrations take your CAMX education experience to new heights! CAMX goes beyond the classroom with access to what’s now and next in materials, technology, and manufacturing innovation.


Composites Highlights Track

Curious how composite materials can solve your traditional material challenges? This free session track gives attendees access to presentations designed to help understand more about composites. Sessions include Composites 101 & 201, hosting 250+ attendees for a 90-minute introduction to composite materials with ample time for Q&A; and a Materials Forecast Forum, which will offer four, 60-minute sessions designed to dive into future trends. To attend, just have an exhibit hall pass or visit the Registration Desk.


Presentation Theater

Extra! Extra! Breaking news, press conferences, special announcement, and more take place in the Presentation Theater. Even better, access FREE Technical Presentations featuring new products and technical solutions. Interested in presenting? Space is limited and will sell out. Contact a CAMX team member for details.


General Session

With more than 30 years of experience in the defense and aerospace industry, Gregory (Greg) M. Ulmer has led a significant number of programs at Lockheed Martin while building an impressive record of leadership and strong customer relationships.

Mr. Ulmer will kick off CAMX 2021 with an insightful and inspirational keynote at the General Session, open to all attendees and exhibitors, focusing on composites innovations, advanced manufacturing technology,  and the future Aerospace factory. Mr. Ulmer will also share more about the future of aviation at Lockheed Martin and provide an overview of the company. 

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of the Lockheed Martin enterprise, including products and people.
  • Appreciate the history and approach of composites development for advanced aircraft at the company.
  • Learn about the digital thread and how it has enabled advanced manufacturing and materials technologies.
  • Understand next generation of products emerging.

Gregory (Greg) M. Ulmer is the executive vice president (EVP) of the Aeronautics business area for Lockheed Martin Corporation. Throughout his career, Mr. Ulmer has led several critical projects for Lockheed Martin, including initiatives for the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft program, Vice President of Operations for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs (ADP), also known as the Skunk Works®. Other critical leadership projects include efforts as the C-5 Vice President and Program Manager responsible for the overall operations and leadership of the C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-Engining Program and the Avionics Modernization Program; the C-130 Deputy Program Manager for Operations; C-130 Air Vehicle Director; Deputy Chief Engineer and Flight Test Integrated Product Team (IPT) Senior Manager and more. Mr. Ulmer began his career as a flight test engineer supporting the MD- 11, C-17, and C-130J programs from first flight through certification for all three aircraft.



CAMX features a unique three-day learning experience, with over 10 live demos on vacuum infusion, light resin transfer molding, and advanced processes producing real-life parts, such as a boat hull. See, touch, feel, and learn from industry leaders...only at CAMX!


Interact with subject matter experts and like-minded colleagues to discuss new trends and industry developments during campfire sessions. View the most popular Campfire Sessions from 2020 here.


Intro to Composites

Curious how composite materials can solve your traditional material challenges? New to working with or manufacturing with composites? View these free recorded sessions to better understand the various uses and benefits composites can bring to a variety of products. Recorded sessions include Composites 101, Composites 201, Tooling 101, and Factory of the Future 101.

Composites 101 | View here.

Tooling 101 | View here.

Composites 201 | View here.

Factory of the Future 101 | View here.



The current COVID-19 crisis has changed our world like never before. But the severe crisis hasn’t changed Airbus’ long-term ambition to be the world’s first aircraft manufacturer to market a zero-emission aircraft by 2035. Explore how they got there and the role materials and in particular composite technologies will play. Isabell Gradert the Material Fast Track Leader at Airbus and general advisor for materials technology to the CTO was this year’s general session speaker. With 10 years’ experience in the field of Materials & Processes, Isabell is the leading cross-divisional Material Roadmap for associated technologies and guiding research projects ensuring group-wide leverage of technology synergies.


2020 Good Day, CAMX!

labeled image Update Good Day CAMX! blurb to: “CAMX concluded with Good Day, CAMX hosted by Joel Whitehouse from Hill & Smith Holdings as he discussed the outlook for the US/global economy including risks and M&A activity, followed by a Q&A panel. Register to watch this recording.


Good Day, CAMX!

Finish up your CAMX experience with one final networking opportunity. Learn how one composites manufacturer is transitioning from the old guard to the new with respect for the past and excitement for the possibilities in the future.   Moderated by Marcy Offner, Composites One, this interactive discussion will feature Best Bath and its current co-CEO, Megan Multanen, along with her father and Best Bath Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gary Multanen. They will discuss what they have learned from one another, where they differ, what the outlook for the future is, and what is the one thing that makes their relationship work. In the end, one thing will be clear, whether a family business or just a multi-generational company, we all have much to learn from one another to succeed.


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