2022 CAMX Awards Finalists

The flagship CAMX Award recognizes innovations that have the potential to significantly impact composites and advanced materials in the marketplace. The CAMX Award will be awarded to two game-changing entries that reflect the depth and breadth of the CAMX theme: Combined Strength. Unsurpassed Innovation. The CAMX Award provides industry recognition and prestige to deserving and groundbreaking industry work, and we are excited to present the 2022 finalists.


This award is presented to the composites product that clearly demonstrates a team approach and effort that brings together knowledge, resources and talent to produce an incredible example of the best use of composites materials that solves a problem. Here are the 2022 entries.

  • Automated Edge Sealing with Automated Programming | Airborne
  • Automating the Design & Manufacture of Composite Tooling Using AI  | Plyable
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Products Manufacturer  | Devna Composite Inc
  • Fiberglass-Graphene-Polypropylene 3D Printing Filament Made from Decommissioned Wind Turbine Blades  | Windfall, Inc.
  • Plataine’s Digital Thread Technology Helps Manufacturers Overcome Supply Chain Challenges  | Plataine
  • Touch Sensity Develops the Sensity Tech Technology Making Materials Sensitive to Mechanical Physical Interactions, in Real Time, Without Any Sensors | Touch Sensity 


This award is presented to the composites product that clearly demonstrates a novel design that incorporates low-cost materials for high-volume applications or with high performance applications with low-volume materials which delivers a product that is innovative and has the potential to either significantly impact existing or open new markets. Here are the 2022 entries.

  • AMCM: Integrated Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing and Compression Molding Process | Oak Ridge National Laboratory/ Manufacturing Science Division
  • Bidirectional Fabric Made of Recycled Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Filaments | Blackfabric
  • Door Panel Beltline Stiffener | Clemson University
  • FibreCoat | FibreCoat
  • Fire Retardant FRP Utility Poles for Grid-Hardening in Fire-Prone Areas | Creative Composites Group
  • Heat-Sealing Module - HSM for Zünd Digital Cutting Systems | Zünd
  • humm3 Xenon Heating Innovation - Lowers Cost and Increases Sustainability in the Mass Production of Composite Pressure Vessels and Pipes | Heraeus Noblelight
  • In-process AFP Manufacturing Inspection System (IAMIS) with Augmented Realty Visualization | National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR/WSU)
  • Massivit 10000 – Digitalized Tooling for Composites with Advanced AM | Massivit 3D
  • Multi-Material EV Battery Enclosure | Teijin Automotive Technologies
  • One Step, 100% Recyclable Thermoplastic Panel for Aerospace Cabin Interiors | Diab
  • Pole-Position: Polarization Image Based Position Determination | Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG
  • Reclamation of Continuous Composite Fibres from Wound Parts to Enable Circularity and Sustainability in High-Value Composites | Cygnet Texkimp
  • ShapedTape - A Low Cost Direct Material Replacement for Slit Tape | Century Design Inc.
  • The Electronic Control Board for Mark One's 3D Printers | Mark One
  • Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement | VacPuc

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