2021 CAMX Award Finalists

2021 CAMX Awards Finalists

The flagship CAMX Award recognizes innovations that have the potential to significantly impact composites and advanced materials in the marketplace. The CAMX Award will be awarded to two game-changing entries that reflect the depth and breadth of the CAMX theme: Combined Strength. Unsurpassed Innovation. The CAMX Award provides industry recognition and prestige to deserving and groundbreaking industry work, and we are excited to present the 2021 finalists.



Composite Panels for Structural Fire Protection Onboard Ships

Ayres Composite Panels

TrinityRail 72' Refrigerated Boxcar Floor


Sustainable Composites are "Taking Off" in Additive Manufacturing


Plataine Practimum-Optimum: A Breakthrough AI Algorithm for
Optimizing Production Scheduling


Carbon Fiber Forged Wheel for Automotive

Vision Composite
Products, LLC


3D Printed Moulds for Carbon Fibre Hand Lay-Up Process


World's First Integrated Automated Kitting Cell


Advanced Acoustic Metamaterial


Crosstrack Raw Material/Kit Location/Life Tracking with
Integrated CNC Cutter Nesting and Scheduling

JETCAM International

Mechanical Metamaterials: Lighter, Stronger,
Multi-Functional Core Materials

Multiscale Systems

Direct Melt Impregnation Thermoplastic Composite Line

Cygnet Texkimp

Highly Automated Resin Transfer Molded (RTM) Wing Spoiler Production System

Spirit AeroSystems

Weight Savings and Processing Innovations
with Tapered Double-Double Laminates

CHOMARAT North America,
NASHERO s.r.l, NIAR Wichita
State University, Stanford
University, USC M.C. Gill
Composites Center

Elegant Technology Extends Automated Fibre
Placement Access to All

Heraeus Noblelight Ltd
and Addcomposites

High Volume Structural Carbon Fiber
Reinforced Injection Molded ETP Composite

Mitsubishi Chemical
Advanced Materials

Massivit 10000 – Digitalizing Composites
Tooling with Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Massivit 3D

Innovative Hole Making Process In Woven
Composite Laminates

North Carolina A&T
State University

PUPI Fiberglass Transmission Crossarms


The Proprietary 2k Ambient Temperature
Curing Technology

L&L Products

The Vanguard System - Individual
Tow/Position Closed Loop Tension Control


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