Thermoplastic CFRP Rear Pressure Bulkhead: World Premiere in the Aeronautics

(Premium Aerotec GmbH)

Premium AEROTEC is one of the leading suppliers in the aerospace industry. The company’s core business is the development and production of metal and composite aircraft structures. With 6 sites across Europe and sale offices in US we deliver our products to the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers. Over 10000 employees and a revenue of more than 2.4 billion Dollars confirms our strong ambitions in aeronautics. The company’s expertise with thermoplastic materials is gained from designing and building structural complex parts in the A350XWB for many years. Here, thermoplastic materials are used to connect CFRP frames with CFRP skin sections. Over 4000 parts per aircraft are produced in our highly automated volume production process. The know-how we gained over years is our key to new innovations. At CAMX we will present the world’s first thermoplastic rear pressure bulkhead. The full scale demonstrator part we designed and manufactured, in just 4 months, is made for a Single Aisle aircraft and has a diameter of about 120 inches. It consists of eight segments of equal size which are connected by a cutting edge welding technology. In comparison to the state of the art aluminum riveted pressure bulkheads the pioneering thermoplastic CFRP version weights less while offering better mechanical performance. Moreover shorter production times and more economic manufacturing make the thermoplastic design a best fit for the Single Aisle airframes.

By using advanced materials and innovative welding technologies the rear pressure bulkhead is a further step to the next generation of aircraft fuselage and we are very excited to present our product to composites community at CAMX.