The Future of Transportation – US Navy 7M Advanced Combatant Craft

(Structural Composites, Inc & Compsys Inc)

Disruptive Innovations are great. They can change industries and open new markets. What happens if numerous disruptive innovators collaborate for synergistic impact? Do the impacts just add up or do the impacts multiply?

Structural Composites, Inc and our team are pleased to present the Navy’s 7 Meter Advanced Combatant Craft (7ACC) for Increased Affordability. Funded by the US. Navy under the Rapid Innovation Fund, this craft integrates numerous innovations into a fleet ready highly capable and affordable craft.

Our Combined Strength comes from collaboration. The Advanced Combatant Craft 7ACC combines
design, material and propulsion innovations into an insertion ready (TRL8) platform that is 2,100 lbs lighter and less expensive to manufacture than Gen 1 Navy RIBs. Innovations in diesel outboard technology combine with design and material innovations to transform the craft from a single engine platform into a highly capable dual engine performance craft. Gasoline is dangerous for use on ships, so until now these craft used single engine inboard diesels. Combining outboard diesel technology and the lightweight structure allows a dual outboard configuration. This provides important mission readiness, improves up-time all while saving cost.

Repair and maintenance of the craft are simplified. Outboard engines can be rapidly swapped out and are easy to service. The single skin construction and suspended deck allow for easy access for inspection and maintenance. The design and modular propulsion systems support future manned and unmanned platforms that will have reconfigurable mission packages.

Innovation Collaborators:

  • Structural Composites, Inc (Design, integrate innovative materials, test)
  • US Navy NSWC-Combatant Craft Division (Design requirements, project support, engineering support and oversight)
  • US Navy PEO Ships- PMS 325G (Design requirements, insertion commitment, funding)
  • BRP- Evinrude (lightweight 2 stroke spark fired multifuel outboard technology)
  • Interplastic Corporation (CoCure Advanced Marine Coatings)
  • Compsys, Inc – PRISMA Preforms
  • BASF (Polyurethane chemicals/technology)
  • Willard Marine (OEM)

By combining these major technology corporations to focus on a single project with multiple objectives, we have moved the design of marine technology ahead by many years. Introducing these technologies to the commercial marine industry will revolutionize the design and cost of future vessels.

Interplastic and BASF contributed resin and coating technologies, both of which are in early commercialization phases. These products allow the hull and deck of the 7ACC to flex per design requirements without coating failures.

BRP- Evinrude developed multi-fuel outboards, which are lighter and lower cost than traditional diesel inboard engines and much easier to maintain and repair.