SWCNT-Based Concentrate – Additive Designed for Manufacturing Strong, Lightweight, Conductive Composites


Tuball Matrix is a nanotube-based industrial pre-dispersed concentrate that allows the production of lightweight, strong, conductive and colored composite materials.

OCSiAl has developed the world’s first industrial pre-dispersed concentrate, marketed as Tuball Matrix, based on single wall carbon nanotubes. The company’s Tuball nanotubes are the first single wall carbon nanotubes to be available for commercial applications of this novel material in a wide range of industries. OCSiAl’s invention of breakthrough, yet low-cost, mass-production technology for Tuball with unlimited scaling potential has made the widespread use of single wall carbon nanotubes economically viable.

The exceptional physical properties, nanometer dimensions and chemical universality of Tuball nanotubes are resulting in a great leap forward in improving key properties of composite materials, such as mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. Unlike conventional additives such as multi wall carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers and most types of carbon black, Tuball provides significant improvements in material properties upon the addition of just 0.01%–0.1% by weight.

To facilitate the effective incorporation of Tuball into materials, OCSiAl has developed Tuball Matrix, a line of easy-to-use pre-dispersed concentrates that are compatible with various industry-standard formulations and require no change to standard processing, formulation or equipment.