KL3IS surfboard: Sustainable Lightweight Biomimicry Surfboard

(PTT Global Chemical)

The first ever innovative nature mimicking surfboard in the world, typically called “KL3IS surfboard, has been launched out by GC Innovation research team. This project has been collaborated with Thailand’s Cobra International Co. Ltd., Asia’s largest surfboard manufacturing plant. KL3IS is named to represent different distinguished performances of the product as follows;

K: Superb natural reinforcement Kenaf Plant, L3: (1) Lightweight (20% lighter than that of other fibers surfboard); (2) Low VOC (<10% VOC evaporation); (3) Less Bio-epoxy consumption (30% less than that of other fibers core layup), I: Innovation, S: Sustainability. These supreme performances of KL3IS surfboard have been successfully achieved through the idea of biomimicry of nature by developing bio-mimic coating reagent.

The kenaf fabric’s surface coated with bio-mimic coating reagent has three distinguished properties which are emulation of three sources of nature attribute as follows; (i) Phytoalexin synthesis pathway to control the fungi growth in Chili: Fungi proof property (ii) Spider Webs; the world strongest biological webs: self-strengthening property, (iii) Lotus leave effect: super-hydrophobic property. This KL3IS surfboard has been tested and validated its practical use through research, design and development by GC Innovation research team and Thailand’s Cobra International Co. Ltd. This product’s innovation blazes a trail for the use of kenaf fabric reinforcement composites by Thailand’s Cobra International Co. Ltd.

For our heathy planet, KL3IS offers nature-inspired and sustainable solutions for all environmental conscious surfers and surfboard manufacturers.