Halls River Bridge – FRP Composites for Next Generation Infrastructure

(Florida Department of Transportation)

As part of the FDOT’s Transportation Innovation initiative, this bridge replacement project is an example of the next generation of infrastructure. Focused on achieving new levels of durability, life-cycle cost reduction and long-term performance, collaborative research and design development led to embracing FRP technology for the replacement of Halls River Bridge. This project is a proof of concept for complete bridge design solutions for the future, using a variety of forms of FRP and hybrid composite structural elements. FDOT standardized many FRP structural elements for use on this project, including:

1. CFRP Prestressed Concrete Bearing Piles
2. CFRP Prestressed/GFRP Reinforced Concrete Sheet Piles
3. GFRP Reinforced Bulkhead Caps, Traffic Railings and Approach Slabs
4. GFRP Reinforced Gravity Walls

Additionally, GFRP reinforced concrete designs were incorporated into other customized structural elements including: the bridge deck and end diaphragms; bridge foundations, bent caps, walls, and bulkhead/seawall caps. Hybrid Composite Beams (HCB’s) were also utilized, leveraging the combined strength of FRP laminates, galvanized steel strand and concrete.