Edge En V. Fly Rods Made with Ekoa Plant Based Prepregs


For the uninitiated, fly-fishing is an angler method where an artificial and nearly weightless “fly” is cast to catch fish. Casting these lightweight lures depend on the weight of the fly line and physical characteristics of the fly rod, hence the importance in material selection in the production of these fly rods. Edge rods, a subsidiary of Northfork Composites, serves the flyfishing/sports market from beginners to professional anglers. Edge rods launched the En V. Fly Rods in 2016, which like all of Edge models are designed by legendary rod maker Gary Loomis. He was a major innovator around the introduction of carbon fiber rods for high performance and long casting. The En V. Fly Rods are the debut fishing rods made with Ekoa® Linen/bioresin prepregs and the next evolution in the fly-fishing world: offering the action, a.k.a feel of traditional fiberglass with the fast recovery of graphite. The appeal of a fiberglass rod is the classic slow action really helps the angler feel their casts. Now because of the unique properties of Ekoa composites, the angler can have the best of both worlds.