Green & Sustainability

Listed below are the anticipated Technical Papers and Education Sessions for CAMX. The list below is not final and subject to change at any time. The final program schedule will be available July of 2017.

Green & Sustainability

Designing for Sustainability

Durability of GFRP Reinforcement in the Seacon Project [Tech Paper]

Seyedmorteza Khatibmasjedi, University of Miami

Designing for Sustainability

Recycled Composite Material for New Stormwater Inlet Tops Design [Tech Paper]

Mohamed Selim, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Life Cycle Assessments

Horizontal Axis Water Turbine Composite Blades: Damage Evaluation and Numerical Simulation [Tech Paper]

K Chandrashekhara, Missouri S&T

Recycling of Composites

Composite Materials Recyclability, Challenges and Opportunities [Tech Paper]

Soydan Ozcan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Composites Recycling Technician Recycling Program

Ann Avary, Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology, Skagit Valley College

Mechanical Properties of Virgin and Outdated Pre-Preg Fiber Composites Fabricated through Wet Layup Process [Tech Paper]

Ramazan Asmatulu, Wichita State University

Outdated Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Composites for Low-Cost Soccer Shin-Guard Manufacturing [Tech Paper]

Ramazan Asmatulu, Wichita State University

Utilization of Recycled Epoxy to Improve Properties of Polypropylene [Tech Paper]

Kristin Hardin, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Renewable & Bio-Composites Materials

A Study on the Effect of Halloysite Nanotubes on the Thermal, Durability and Biodegradability Performance of Poly (hydroxy butyrate hydroxy valerate)-PHBV Nano-Biocomposites [Tech Paper]

Shaik Zainuddin, Tuskegee University

Bio-based Thermosets with Tunable Properties from Highly Functional Reactive Resins [Tech Paper]

Dean Webster, North Dakota State University

Biomass Lignin: Potential Feedstock for Carbon Fiber and Polymer Reinforcement

Louis Pilato, Pilato consulting

Compression Testing of Corrugated Carbon/Hemp Composite Panels [Tech Paper]

Patrick Murphy, Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering Department

Development and Characterization of Polyurethane Foams with Substitution of Polyether Polyol with Soy-Based Polyol [Tech Paper]

K Chandrashekhara, Missouri S&T

Epoxy-Lignin-Cardanol for Composites [Tech Paper]


Facile, Green Approach for Chemical Treatment of Flax Fibers [Tech Paper]

Babak Fathi, Center for Innovation in Technological Ecodesign (CITE), University of Sherbrooke

From Green to Greener Fire Retarded Biobased Polymers [Tech Paper]

Gaelle Fontaine, University of Lille

Highly Bio-Based Epoxy-Amine Thermosets Derived from Lignocellulosic Biomass [Tech Paper]

Joserph Stanzione, Rowan University

Lignin a Sustainable and Renewable Flame Retardant for ABS [Tech Paper]

Serge Bourbigot, University of Lille

The Effect of Biocomposite Material in a Composite Structure Under Compression Loading [Tech Paper]

Benjamin Sweeney, California Polytechnic State University

The Effect of ISO Thermal Crystallization on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Flax Fibers Reinforced PLA Composites [Tech Paper]

Reza Foruzan, Center for Innovation in Technological Ecodesign

Thermo-Responsive Polymers-Based on Source-Selective Lignins [Tech Paper]

Amit Naskar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory