Next Generation CoCure Hybrid Metal/Composite Technology for Transportation

(Structural Composites, Inc.)

The entry is the next-generation CoCure hybrid metal/composite technology for transportation. The technology is being demonstrated with a game-changing fully certified, road-rated composite 53’ refrigerated van for the cold chain market. The all-composite refrigerated van not only includes composite walls and roof systems but also features a new hybrid metal/composite integrated floor that, when combined with the wall and roof systems, provides significant improvements in load rating, weight, thermal efficiency and longevity. CoCure technology offers 3 product families: CoCure Coatings, CoCure Structural Resin and the latest product, CoCure Adhesives, allow for direct lamination of metals and composites. The technology allows the blending of metal and composites throughout the manufacturing process. Direct lamination of metals allows for cost, efficiency and weight savings. In the case of Wabash National 53’ Cold Chain refrigerated van, the wear surface (ducted metal extrusions) is bonded in-mold to the composite load structure using CoCure technologies. CoCure advanced coatings protect the wall and roof panels with a gel coat-like finish, but also offers a tough flexible coating providing increased toughness and puncture resistance over conventional aluminum or composite construction. CoCure composites provide high performance at costs that compete with traditional materials. Wabash National’s 53’ Cold Chain refrigerated van is a breakout from standard design. Conventional refrigerated vans have a 16,000 lb. fork lift load rating, while conventional 53’ dry vans have a 22,000 lb. floor rating. Wabash National’s 53’ Cold Chain refrigerated van with a CoCure hybrid metal/composite floor has a certified fork lift rating of 24,000 lbs. This allows the van to be a multi function platform able to be used for conventional refrigerated loads or for more demanding dry freight loads. This maximizes the utility and value the van brings to the customer.