Who Should Attend?

CAMX Delivers

To thrive in today’s continually evolving global marketplace, composites and advanced materials professionals must be informed, innovative, and future-focused. CAMX provides critical information, industry insight, and valuable take-aways that can be put into immediate action.


Responsible for the well-being of the company, being aware of competition, new opportunities, threats, and weaknesses translate into success.

CAMX Benefits

  • Know your competition – CAMX Exhibit Hall attracts companies from all sectors and all fields within composites and advanced materials.
  • CAMX is where business gets done. Participate in the meetings and taskforces that are influencing the direction of the industry.
  • Ensure that your company is positioned as a major player. Your presence matters.


Experienced managers and other program operations professionals responsible for achieving goals wear many hats.

CAMX Benefits

  • CAMX Conference Programs deliver the information you need to solve problems and stay on track
  • Troubleshoot common issues with professionals who share your challenges
  • Gather new ideas for improving your methods and optimizing your resources

Sales and Marketing

Extensive knowledge of the products on the market and the scientific processes that make these products work is critical for successfully informing prospects and customers.

CAMX Benefits

  • Pre-Conference Tutorials, short courses that provide immersive instruction on popular industry concepts
  • Conduct market research by attending Conference Programs and hearing about new products from your partners and your competition
  • Build your sales pipeline by networking with decision makers and end-users

Research and Development

Research and development is built upon analysis and experimentation, leading to new discoveries that spark innovation and move our industry forward.

CAMX Benefits

  • Access thought-leaders via the Education Sessions, Panels, and Featured Sessions
  • Learn about the latest developments from industry, academia, and government
  • Explore new products and processes that can impact your line of work


The engineers who benefit from CAMX are as diverse and the programs we offer, meeting the needs of all who come from materials engineers to process engineers, whether they work in a lab or at a computer.

CAMX Benefits

  • Expansive Conference Program featuring a wide range of composites and advanced materials topics
  • Connect with peers who understand what you do and help you do it better
  • Gain methods for improving your processes and enhancing your projects



Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements is a daunting task. Save time with conference programing that disseminates the bounty of information into take-ways you can use.

CAMX Benefits

  • Dedicated Business and Regulatory Track featuring programs that focus on your business needs
  • Build connections with contributors and consultants that share your objective
  • Take advantage of side-meetings and taskforces with regulatory agencies that do business at CAMX