Non-Destructive Evaluation & Testing

Listed below are the anticipated Technical Papers and Education Sessions for CAMX. The list below is not final and subject to change at any time. The final program schedule will be available July of 2017.

Non-Destructive Evaluation & Testing

Composite Repair

Non-Destructive Inspections and Repair of Laminate Composites [Tech Paper]

Eylem Asmatulu, Wichita State University

Material Certifications

Test Requirements for Sporting Goods: High Performance Road Bike Design Allowables & Verification

Scott Beckwith, BTG Composites, Inc.

Non-Destructive Inspection & Testing

Adaptive Ultrasound Technology for the Inspection of Variable Geometry Composite Material [Tech Paper]

Etienne Grondin, Olympus NDT

Detection of Incipient Thermal Damage in Carbon Fiber-Bismaleimide Composites using Hand-Held FTIR [Tech Paper]

Ryan Toivola, University of Washington MSE

Development of Engineered Damage Calibration Samples [Tech Paper]

Vinay Dayal, Iowa State University

Non-Destructive Quantitation of PTFE in a Composite Structure [Tech Paper]

Lucio Flores, RBC Bearings Inc.

Quality Control of Adhesively Bonded Composite Lap-Joints using Mechanical Tests and OTS [Tech Paper]

Ermias Koricho, Composite Vehicle Research Center, MSU

Unique Methodology of Testing Transverse Tensile Properties of Unidirectional Reinforced Pultruded Composites. [Tech Paper]

Fayaz Ali, Glasforms, Polyone

Sensors & Sensor Technologies

Concrete-FRP Interfacial Bond Monitoring with Self-Triggering Fiber Optic Sensors [Tech Paper]

Kunal Joshi, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Structural Health Monitoring

A Novel Damage Detection Technique in Hybrid Bonded Structures by Application of Ultrasonic Interface Guided Waves [Tech Paper]

Mark Jahanbin, Boeing

An Ultrasonic Guided Wave Based Impact and Bond Line SHM of Stiffened Composite Structures [Tech Paper]

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Extracting Information from Damaged Carbon Fiber Composites Using High Definition Fiber Optic Sensing (HD-FOS) [Tech Paper]

Aida Rahim, Luna Innovations

Hybrid Fiber Optic/Piezoelectric Based Diagnostic and Finite Element Based Prognostic Structural Health Monitoring [Tech Paper]

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Testing (destructive)

The Latest Testing Technologies for the Characterization of Fibers, Rovings and the Fiber-Matrix-Adhesion [Tech Paper]

Ulrich Moerschel, Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG