International Attendees

Letters of Invitation

CAMX will provide a letter of invitation to registered attendees and exhibitors.  Letters will be made available after the registration process is completed and paid in full. To generate a Visa letter, you will need to Log back in to your registration and access “My Account”. It is recommended that you have this letter for your visa application and interview.

Note: Country entry procedures are the responsibility of the individual, not CAMX. CAMX will not intervene with any decisions made by any government on behalf of the attendee nor accept responsibility for a filed entry visa. CAMX is not acting in the role of a sponsor and accepts no responsibility for the individual’s stay in the country.

The following is required when requesting a letter of invitation:

  • Full name as it appears on Passport
  • Passport nationality
  • Passport number and expiration date
  • Personal address/phone/email

Registrants will have immediate access to their letters and will be made available to print immediately and can be saved as a PDF document.

U.S. Visa and Entry Requirements

Read current information on passports and visas for travel into the United States. Travelers must present a machine-readable passport or a passport with a visa. The Visa Waiver Program enables eligible citizens of specific countries to enter the United States for tourism or business for 90 days or less without a visa. If you need a visa to attend CAMX, you can fill out an online visa application.

Visa Application Tips

  • Apply EARLY! Begin the visa application process 90 days prior to travel. For specific information, contact your local embassy.
  • Present proof that you have strong ties to your country of residence. Proof of employment, business ownership, and family information are good examples of strong ties.
  • If possible, show proof that you have traveled internationally before and returned to your country of residence. Proof can include records from a previous trip and boarding stubs from a return flight.
  • Present your CAMX registration confirmation, CAMX letter of invitation, registration brochure and a listing of meetings you will attend at the event as supporting information.
  • Have your travel itinerary, airline tickets, and hotel confirmation information for your trip to CAMX available.
  • Have all visa application forms, visa fee payment proof, and all supporting documentation ready during your interview.