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CAMX is proud to announce the live featured content line up for this year’s conference program with sessions that focus on the industry’s hottest topics and continued growth. These inspiring sessions will be hosted live, with dedicated time for a Q&A where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with speakers in real time.

*All times for CAMX 2020 | A Virtual Experience are Eastern Standard Time

Composites 4.0 Factory of the Future: Best Practices

The Industrial Revolution, now seeing the 4th recognized global expansion into the world of composite materials, manufacturing and new market applications, is becoming more understood within and outside of aerospace. Whether one is involved in high performance composites technologies, wind energy turbine blades, automotive and ground transportation, or sports, recreation and leisure products – there are numerous best practices at all levels within the composites industry. This panel of experts will explore the marriage and integration of the vast resources of data coupled with internet availability, software technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) that supports business models across supply chains.

Tuesday, September 22 | 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Moderator: Avner Ben-Bassat | President and CEO, Plataine LTD

Dr.-Ing. Michael Emonts | CEO AZL & Managing Director AZL Aachen, AZL Aachen University (invited)
Dr. Ramy Harik | Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina
Steve Nolet | Principal Engineer & Senior Director of Innovation & Technology, TPI Composites, Inc.
Jan Verhaeghe | General Manager, Agesia

Composites for Modern Architecture

FRP composites are fast becoming the material of choice for architectural applications thanks to their aesthetic qualities, versatility, and functionality. Composites allow architects to create designs that are impossible or impractical with traditional materials. Composite building envelopes and roofs can improve thermal performance and energy efficiency and can be engineered to meet most building code requirements. Use cases will be demonstrated through presentation of various case studies of FRP use in modern architecture.

Tuesday, September 22 | 2:35 pm – 3:20 pm ET

Dr. Samer Aljishi | Group President, BFG International

Sustainability of Composites Compared to Alternative Materials

OEM’s and other customers are increasingly evaluating the sustainability of various material choices within the decision-making process for a given application. Composites have many advantages over other materials such as being lightweight, durable, environmentally inert, and essential to the growth of renewable energy and other applications. On the other hand, composites are more difficult to recycle than some other materials in part due to the long-term durability of composite products. This panel will provide a perspective showing how composites compare to alternative materials as well as the focus on areas for future improvement in the sustainability of composites.

Tuesday, September 22 | 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm ET

Moderator: David Hartman | Senior Principal Scientist, Owens Corning

Pete George| Materials Engineer, Boeing Engineering and Operations Technology
Chris Howell| VP, Strategic Accounts, Veolia
Stella Job | Sustainability Manager, Composites UK
Mark Hitchmough | European Sales Manager, ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd.

Bonding and Joining Composites Successfully In Structural Applications

Regardless of the specific market, composite materials are typically bonded or joined with a variety of materials in order to provide the structural integrity and performance desired from the end-product. Panelists from several industries and market applications will discuss key factors that influence the ultimate structural integrity for successful interface with both thermoset and thermoplastic composites. Panelists have been selected across a variety of market segments: aerospace, space, automotive, wind energy, oil and gas and other industries. Bond or joint interfacial integrity is highly dependent upon numerous factors that the panel will discuss so that attendees will better understand production control process challenges.

Wednesday, September 23 | 10:45 am – 12:00 pm ET

Moderator: Louis Dorworth | Direct Services Manager, Abaris Training

Dr. Giles Dillingham | CEO, Chief Scientist, BTG Labs
Arnt Offringa | Director Global Tech Center NL – Civil Airframe, Fokker/GKN Aerospace
Wilson Lee | Director Business Development, Enercon Industries
Doug Decker | President, The Composites Consultants
Dr. Brian Spencer | President, Spencer Composites Corporation

Game Changing Infrastructure Challenges: New Solutions & Opportunities

Expectations for infrastructure service life and asset maintenance strategies have changed significantly since the Interstate Act was signed into law in 1956. The resulting expressways eliminated at grade crossings substantially increasing the nation’s bridge inventory. Originally no target service life expectations were specifically set, but by the 1970’s observations from fatigue damage failures forced engineers to consider the number of heavy truck wheel load cycles – selecting 50 years are as design life. In the late 1990’s with the recognition of a growing inventory maintenance challenge AASHTO set the minimum design life to 75 years. Most recently the AASHTO Committee on Bridges and Structures approved publication of a new Guide Specification for 2020 that assigns three target service-life limits (75-, 100-, and 150-years). In recent years, Florida DOT's interest in innovation and application of materials like FRP composites has led to many successful installations with the objective of building better with better materials. This presentation will provide an overview of FDOT research and implementation using FRP composites and attendees will learn about FDOT vision for the future for transportation infrastructure.

Wednesday, September 23 | 1:35 pm – 2:20 pm ET

Tim Lattner | Director, Office of Design, Florida DOT

Building Bridges Along the Atlantic

Recent bridge design and construction projects will be highlighted showing the willingness of transportation agencies along the east coast of North America to embrace the use of FRP for more than just rehabilitation and strengthening. With a focus on improved Life Cycle Cost and reduced maintenance liability, this panel will discuss the needs of the infrastructure community to integrate composites reliably and economically into their business practices particularly for concrete structures.

Wednesday, September 23 | 2:25 pm – 3:40 pm ET

Moderator: Antonio Nanni, PhD, PE | Professor and Chair Dept. of Civil, Arch. & Environ. Engineering, University of Miami

Darrell Evans, P.Eng. | A/Assistant Director, Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation
Wayne Frankhauser Jr., PE | Bridge Program Manager, Maine Department of Transportation
Chase C. Knight, Ph.D., P.E., | Corrosion & Composite Materials Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation
Steve McNamara | President, ANZAC CONTRACTORS, INC.
Steve Nolan, P.E. | Senior Structures Design Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation

The Path to Increase Commercialization of High Performance Thermoplastic Composites

High performance thermoplastic composites have recently gained interest for a variety of applications due to advantages in manufacturability and cycle time. However, several obstacles remain in the path to commercialization of thermoplastic composites including testing, validation, allowables, and certification. This panel will explore the pathways to commercializing high performance thermoplastic composites applications in the markets of commercial aerospace, automotive, and urban air mobility.

Thursday, September 24 | 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm ET

Moderator: Jonathan Sourkes | Commerical Manager, TxV Aerospace Composites, LLC

David Erb, Jr. | Senior R&D Program Manager, University of Maine
Adam Halsband | NA Market Manager, Forward Engineering
David Leach | Director, Business Development, ATC Manufacturing
Sebastiaan Wijskamp| Technical Director, ThermoPlastic composites Research Centre

Advancing your Facility using Practical Automation Options

As the industry grows and there is increased demand for automation in facilities, small to medium companies may feel that they have a competitive disadvantage. This session will explore how all companies, regardless of size, can dive into the world of automation and begin implanting new software that can speed up production, reduce waste, and increase repeatability.

Thursday, September 24| 2:25 pm – 3:10 pm ET

Indranil Sircar | CTO, Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft

Urban Air Mobility: What It Will Take to Scale Up

To realize the vision of the emerging Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market, the scale of manufacturing will need to reflect automotive capacity and the requirements and certifications of commercial aviation. Many of today’s prototypes use materials and methods that do not currently lend themselves to the predicted needs; this panel will explore the hurdles and what is needed to make the UAM vision a reality.

Thursday, September 24 | 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm ET

Moderator: Trevor Gundberg | VP of Composite Engineering, Vectorply Corporation

John Gerguis| Innovation Leader, Joby Aviation
Mischa Pollack | Vehicle Structural Design Lead, Uber ELEVATE
Wes Ryan | Unmanned and Pilotless Aircraft Technology Lead, Federal Aviation Administration
Michael Grondalski| Vice President of Operations, Collins Aerospace
Robert Yancey | Business Development Director, Hexcel


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