Education Sessions

Additive Manufacturing

Concepts and Design Ideas for Advanced Composites

3D Printing Metal Matrix Composites with Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing
Mark Norfolk, Fabrisonic LLC

Research Developments in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing
Howard Kuhn, University of Pittsburgh

Simulation Approach to Optimize Usage of Additive Manufacturing of Polymer and Composite Materials
Philippe Hebert, e-Xstream engineering


Additive Manufacturing with High Temperature, High Performance Composite Thermoplastics
Mark Gordon, Solid Fusion, LLC

Design Consideration when using 3D Printed Composite Tooling
Tomeo Wise, FATHOM

Putting Large Scale Additive to Work in Composites
Austin Schmidt, Additive Engineering Solutions

Advances in Materials


Abrasion Resistant Coating for Composite Structures
Patrick Lake, Applied Sciences, Inc.


Opportunities and Economics of Composites
Sanjay Mazumdar, Lucintel LLC

Fibers, Textiles, and Reinforcement Forms

Developments and Opportunities in Nanocomposites, Functional Fibers, and Carbon Fibers
Satish Kumar, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Glass Fiber

How Glass Reinforcements Support the Cost of Electricity Reduction in the Wind Industry
Ryan Cashman, Owens Corning

Multifunctional Materials & Structures

Introduction to CoCure Metal Hybrid Composites
Scott Lewit, Structural Composites, inc

Lightweight, Multifunctional Lightning Strike Protection and Shielding Material Engineered to Replace Expanded Metals in Aerospace Composites
Joe Sprengard, General Nano, LLC

Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology

Composite Design Lessons from Nature; Use of Twisted Plywood, or Bouligand Structures in Self-Assembled Cellulose Nanocrystal Composites
Jeffrey Gilman, NIST

Thermoset Materials & Applications

Urethane (Meth)acrylate Resins – An Endless Variety of Structures Can Lead to Great Opportunities for Innovative Solutions
Steven Brown, Scott Bader Company Ltd

Bonding & Joining

Composites to Composites

This is a Test
Christie McCabe, ACMA

Mitigating Regulatory Risk while Building a Productive and Safe Operating Culture

Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose: Succession Strategies to Protect & Perpetuate Your Business
Larry Oxenham, American Society for Asset Protection

Reducing Risk “What Employers need to know about 2017 Changes in Labor and Employment Regulations”
Richard Alaniz, Alaniz Schraeder Linker Farris Mayes L.L.P.


Compliance and Enforcement under Prop 65
John Schweitzer, Senior Advisor to the President

Reports from Industry – Academia and Government Collaboration

The Leading Edge Cluster MAI-Carbon and its Meaning for the Composite Industry
Klaus Dreschler, Technical University of Munich

Working with Government Representatives

Location and Leverage:  How to conduct facility development and site selection to optimize incentives.
Didi Caldwell, Global Location Strategies

Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Advanced Design, Analysis, and Verification

How to Use Advanced Simulation Software-Packages for Composite Design, Tool Design, Configuration Control, Tech Data Package, Tool Design, Manufacturability, Stress Analysis and Affordability
Brady Walther, Computational Software and Analysis

Composites Predictive Performance Methodology

Composites for Life: A Changing Culture of “Measure, Model, Predict”
Ken Reifsnider, Institute for Predictive Performance Methodology, University of Texas Arlington Research Institute

Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)

Integrated Computational Methods for Composite Materials

Uncertainty quantification of Atomistic Materials Modeling for Composites
Paul Patrone, NIST

Damage, Fatigue, and Fracture

Understanding Failure of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Plastics Through Predictive Analysis of Static Fatigue
Antoine Rios, The Madison Group

Durability, Agility, and Long Term Performance

Composites Durability and Damage
Hamid Saghizadeh, Boeing

Process Modeling & Simulation

Design and Optimization of a Crashworthy Lightweight Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber B-Pillar
John Tierney, Center for Composites Materials, University of Delaware

Efficient Design for Composites Forming
Tonya Cole, Dassault Systemes

Green & Sustainability

Recycling of Composites

Composites Recycling Technician Recycling Program
Ann Avary, Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology, Skagit Valley College

Renewable & Bio-Composites Materials

Biomass Lignin: Potential Feedstock for Carbon Fiber and Polymer Reinforcement
Louis Pilato, Pilato consulting

Manufacturing & Processing Technologies

Advances in Automation & Affordable Manufacturing

“4 x 4 Strategy” – Base for Automation in Composite Manufacturing
Wilhelm Rupertsberger, Fill GmbH

Development of Resin Systems for Automated Composite Manufacture: An Industry 4.0 Approach
Bronwyn Fox, Swinburne University of Technology

Emerging Technologies for Affordable Aerospace Composite Structures
Gail L. Hahn, Boeing

Reducing Cycle Time with Out-of-Autoclave Processing
Casey Hoffman, Vistex Composites

Composite Manufacturing & Processing

Machining Methods for Perforating Composites
Tim Bergstrom, Ikonics

Manufacturing and Design Defects in Sporting Goods: How to Avoid Serious Defects and Failures
Scott Beckwith, BTG Composites, Inc.

Reducing Operational Costs in Composite Manufacturing
Karen Travis, Saint Gobain Abrasives


Gelcoat Yellowing Study Phase III
Kenneth Lipovsky, Reichhold LLC2


Improving Performance, Material Consolidation and Manufacturing Efficiency through Advancements in Pultrusion
Darcy Hornberger, PolyOne Glasforms Advanced Composites

PULTRUSION 101: The Engineering and Science Essentials of a Formidable Process
Clement Hiel, Composite Support & Solutions Inc.

Market Applications


Considerations and Guidelines for Use of FRP Composites in Architectural and Structural Building Components
Kevin Lambrych, Ashland Composites


The Future of the Automotive Market Powered by Composites
Corey Melvin, Owens Corning


Enhancing Performance With Composites:  Think Outside the Shower
Megan Multanen, Bestbath


Design and Construction of Nipigon River Cable-Stayed Bridge using Precast Concrete Panels Reinforced with Glass FRP Rebars
Brahim Benmokrane, University of Sherbrooke

Design, Evaluation and Transportation Applications of FRP Composite Rebars and Rockbolts in China
Feng Shen, Nanjing Fenghui Composite Material Co., Ltd.

DUNES Residence: Composites Play Key Role in a Distinctive and Innovative House
Andy Bridge, Janicki Industries

Fixing Aging Infrastructure Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Ruifeng Liang, West Virginia University

Halls River Bridge, Corrosion Free Design with FRP Composites
Sam Fallaha, Florida Dept. of Transportation

Infrastructure: Composites in Reinforced Concrete
Mikhail Vorobiev, Owens Corning

Pultrusion Evolution: A Look at How Environments, Costs and Performance Requirements Test the Durability of Pultruded Composites
Barry Myers, Strongwell

Waterfront Solutions Utilizing Pultruded Pipe and Sheet Piles
Dustin Troutman, Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

Mass Transit

The Chemistry Behind Fire and Smoke – Formulating for Fire Safety with Composites
Michael Siegel, AOC


A Review of Recent Changes to European Fire, Smoke & Toxic Fume Composites Standards, Successful Cases Studies and Potential Applications and Crossover into the American Composites Market
Neil Gray, Scott Bader Co Ltd

Sports & Recreation

Sports and Recreation
Dodd Grande, K2 Corp

Non-Destructive Evaluation & Testing

Material Certifications

Test Requirements for Sporting Goods: High Performance Road Bike Design Allowables & Verification
Scott Beckwith, BTG Composites, Inc.