Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Listed below are the anticipated Technical Papers and Education Sessions for CAMX. The list below is not final and subject to change at any time. The final program schedule will be available July of 2017.

Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Advanced Design, Analysis, and Verification

How to Use Advanced Simulation Software-Packages for Composite Design, Tool Design, Configuration Control, Tech Data Package, Tool Design, Manufacturability, Stress Analysis and Affordability

Brady Walther, Computational Software and Analysis

Investigation of Sandwich Composite Failure under Flexural Loading: Simulation and Experimental Validation [Tech Paper]

K Chandrashekhara, Missouri S&T

A Low-Cost Method for Simulating Residual Stresses in Asymmetric Textile Composites [Tech Paper]

Stacy Nelson, Sandia National Laboratories

Factory of the Future, Design, Analysis and Verification [Tech Paper]

John Tyson, Trilion Quality Systems

Mechanical Response of Corrugated Laminates under Compressive and Tensile Loading [Tech Paper]

Kevin Cuevas, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Optimum Design of Composite Wing Spar Subjected to Bending Loads [Tech Paper]

Juan Lazarin, California Polytechnic – San Luis Obispo

Simulating Residual Stresses in Simple Multi-Material Composite Structures [Tech Paper]

Alexander Hanson, Sandia National Laboratories

Thermal Analysis of Composite Materials through Experimentation and Multiscale Modeling [Tech Paper]

Andrew Littlefield, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC Benat Labs

Universal Carpet Plots for Stiffness and Strength Design [Tech Paper]

Ever Barbero, West Virginia University

Composites Predictive Performance Methodology

Composites for Life: A Changing Culture of “Measure, Model, Predict”

Ken Reifsnider, Institute for Predictive Performance Methodology, University of Texas Arlington Research Institute

Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)

Development of Screening Measure for Ablatives via Sensitivity Analysis of Material Response Modeling [Tech Paper]

Jon Langston, University of Texas at Austin

Fatigue Simulation of T800H/2500 Composites with Non Standard Layup and Impact/Fatigue After Impact on Stiffened Panel [Tech Paper]

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Integrated Computational Methods for Composite Materials

Uncertainty Quantification of Atomistic Materials Modeling for Composites

Paul Patrone, NIST


Damage, Fatigue, and Fracture

Characterizing the Multiscale Elastic/Plastic/Rupture Response of Short Fiber Filled Plastics [Tech Paper]

Don Robbins, Autodesk, Inc.

Composite Materials Applied to Lightweight Automotive Suspension Systems [Tech Paper]

Ermias Koricho, Georgia Southern University

Enabling Technologies for Progressive Failure Analysis of Composite Structures [Tech Paper]

Don Robbins, Autodesk, Inc.

Fatigue Performance of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Containing Nanosilica and Micron-size Rubber Particles [Tech Paper]

Shelby Vasconcellos Mattocks, Texas State University

Improve Microbond Test for Characterizing Carbon-Fiber Epoxy Matrix Composites [Tech Paper]

Liangkai Ma, The Dow Chemical Company

Low Velocity Impact Studies on Alumina Nanofiber Reinforced S-glass Epoxy Nanocomposites [Tech Paper]

John Slupsky, Texas State University

Practical Peridynamic Modeling for Damage and Failure Prediction [Tech Paper]

Alex Vasenkov, Sunergolab Inc.

Understanding Failure of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Plastics Through Predictive Analysis of Static Fatigue

Antoine Rios, The Madison Group


Durability, Agility, and Long Term Performance

Composites Durability and Damage

Hamid Saghizadeh, Boeing

Microstructure Image-Based Thermo-Mechanical Damage of Aged Bismaleimide Composites [Tech Paper]

K Chandrashekhara, Missouri S&T

Testing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Composite Wear Components for Rotating Equipment [Tech Paper]

Gary Gibson, EGC Critical Components

Material Properties Estimation

Effective In-plane Stiffness Estimation of Woven Fabric Composite Plies [Tech Paper]

Rikard Heslehurst, M51 Resources, Inc

Process Modeling & Simulation

Buckling and Post buckling of Filament Wounded Iso-Grid Space Structure [Tech Paper]

Frank Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation

Design and Optimization of a Crashworthy Lightweight Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber B-Pillar

John Tierney, Center for Composites Materials, University of Delaware

Efficient Design for Composites Forming

Tonya Cole, Dassault Systemes

Tow-Path Based Modeling of Wrinkling During the Automated Fiber Placement Process [Tech Paper]

Zafer Gurdal, University of South Carolina


Advanced Integrated Composite Repair Development [Tech Paper]

Jonathan Garhart, Sikorsky – Lockheed Martin

Structure design for energy absorption

Design of Auxetic and Hybrid Honeycomb Structures for Energy Absorption Applications: Investigation of Out-of-Plane Uniaxial Compression Behavior [Tech Paper]

Aniket Ingrole, High Performance Materials Institute,  Florida State University