CAMX Awards 2018

The CAMX 2018 winner is Creating Functional Composite Parts Using A State of The Art Material And Process Innovation: XSTRAND™ by Owens Corning.

  1. Creating Functional Composite Parts Using A State of The Art Material And Process Innovation: XSTRAND™

    Owens Corning

    Over the past 2 years, Owens Corning has worked to develop a range of technical 3D printing filament products supported by key partners. This submission showcases their product.

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  2. KL3IS surfboard: Sustainable Lightweight Biomimicry Surfboard

    PTT Global Chemical

    The first ever innovative nature mimicking surfboard in the world, typically called “KL3IS surfboard, has been launched out by GC Innovation research team. This project has been collaborated with Thailand’s Cobra International Co. Ltd., Asia’s largest surfboard manufacturing plant.

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  3. Multiscale Simulation Software to Reduce Material Development Cost


    With a co-investment led by Solvay, MultiMechanics has developed advanced testing software that helps companies virtually predict failure in advanced materials at an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy.

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  4. Carbon Fiber Sheet

    Adorn Engineers

    We are manufacturers of high-quality, carbon fiber sheets in size 2500 x 600 mm, our thickness is from 1 mm to 50 mm. We can also make sandwich sheet with a high radiolucent and our sheet can also achieve very little deflection.

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  5. New Composite Materials & Automated Processing Technology

    Techni-Modul Engineering

    Hexcel & Techni-Modul Engineering (TME) have collaborated on a fully automated production cell capable of processing new generation composite materials combining performance & productivity.

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  6. Augmented Reality Training for Hand Layup


    “LayupRITE” uses an augmented reality platform to deliver customised, quality-assured training and transform how hand laminators are trained.

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  7. The Future of Transportation – US Navy 7M Advanced Combatant Craft

    Structural Composites, Inc & Compsys Inc

    Structural Composites, Inc and our team are pleased to present the Navy’s 7 Meter Advanced Combatant Craft (7ACC) for Increased Affordability. Funded by the US. Navy under the Rapid Innovation Fund, this craft integrates numerous innovations into a fleet ready highly capable and affordable craft.

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The CAMX 2018 winner is Lightweight, Thermoplastic, Recyclable Liftgate Module by Magna Exteriors.

  1. Lightweight, Thermoplastic, Recyclable Liftgate Module

    Magna Exteriors

    The entry is a lightweight, thermoplastic recyclable liftgate module.

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  2. Large Scale 3D Printer for Thermoset Materials

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Magnum Venus Products (MVP) in collaboration with the Oak Ridge Laboratory (ORNL) has developed and demonstrated an innovative large scale 3D printing system for additive manufacturing of composite structures.

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  3. SWCNT-Based Concentrate – Additive Designed for Manufacturing Strong, Lightweight, Conductive Composites

    OCSiAl LLC

    Tuball Matrix is a nanotube-based industrial pre-dispersed concentrate that allows the production of lightweight, strong, conductive and colored composite materials.

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  4. Energy Absorbing, Durable, Fire Resistant, Cost-effective, NextGen Composite System

    West Virginia University

    Researchers at West Virginia University invented a multi-functional three-part composite system to enhance energy absorption, durability, and fire resistance of a structure in a cost-effective manner.

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  5. Thermoplastic CFRP Rear Pressure Bulkhead: World Premiere in the Aeronautics

    Premium Aerotec GmbH

    Discover the world’s first thermoplastic rear pressure bulkhead. The full scale demonstrator part, designed and manufactured in just 4 months, is made for a Single Aisle aircraft and has a diameter of about 120 inches.

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  6. Material Monitoring System (MMS) by Brunswick Boat Group (BBG)

    Brunswick Boat Group

    A modern Cloud based interface for FRP Manufacturers with real time tracking of materials and labor. Featuring Industrial based Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment and the *Patent Pending “Live Chopper Gun”.

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