CAMX Awards 2017

  1. GFRP Wicket Gates: Long Lasting Structures to Ensure Navigable Waterways

    Composite Advantage, LLC

    Government engineers teamed with academia and an innovative manufacturer to produce a novel composite materials product proven as a successful replacement for standard chanoine-type wicket gates made of white oak.

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  2. 9 Meter Wind Turbine Blade Advanced Technology Demonstrator

    IACMI – The Composites Institute

    The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) led a team of industry and government partners to fabricate an advanced technology wind turbine blade.

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  3. Development and Launch of Integrated Slide-in Oven Console Assembly w/ Stainless Steel Appearance Via Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

    Mar-Bal, Inc.

    This innovation comprises the development, launch, and production of an integrated console assembly for a Whirlpool slide-in oven.

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  4. Halls River Bridge – FRP Composites for Next Generation Infrastructure

    Florida Department of Transportation

    As part of the FDOT’s Transportation Innovation initiative, this bridge replacement project is an example of the next generation of infrastructure.

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  5. Thermoplastic Composite Overmoulding Technology Reduces Cycle Time to Minutes


    This project was established with the aim to create (numerical) design tools based on the basic mechanisms that underlay the overmoulding of thermoplastic composites using commercially available software packages.

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  1. Next Generation CoCure Hybrid Metal/Composite Technology for Transportation

    Structural Composites, Inc.

    This technology for transportation is being demonstrated with a fully certified, road-rated composite 53’ refrigerated van for the cold chain market.

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  2. Carbon Fibre / Kevlar Hinge System

    Talon Technology

    A unique mix of the strength and stiffness of carbon fibre and flexibility of Kevlar, combine to create a product that is simple in design yet will have a powerful influence on a broad array of potential products.

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  3. Edge En V. Fly Rods Made with Ekoa Plant Based Prepregs


    The En V. Fly Rods are the debut fishing rods made with Ekoa® Linen/bioresin prepregs and the next evolution in the fly-fishing world.

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  4. First Industrial Fiber Patch Placement System for Manufacturing Complex Composites

    Cevotec GmbH

    Cevotec offers with SAMBA the first industrial Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) production system together with the matching CAD-CAM software ARTIST STUDIO, enabling automated production for complex composites.

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  5. Secure Hybrid Composite Maritime Shipping Container

    University of Maine – Advanced Structures and Composites Center

    This is the first secure intermodal composite shipping container that provides six-sided intrusion detection, real-time tracking, door opening alerts, and secure global communication

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