CAMX Award

The flagship CAMX Award recognizes innovations that have the potential to significantly impact composites and advanced materials in the marketplace. The CAMX Award will be awarded to two game changing entries that reflect the depth and breadth of the CAMX theme: Combined Strength. Unsurpassed Innovation.

The CAMX Award provides industry recognition and prestige to deserving and groundbreaking industry work. Submit your innovation for consideration. See details and criteria below. The deadline for CAMX Award submissions is July 1.

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CAMX is looking for innovations that have the potential to:

  • Increase Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Significantly impact new and emerging markets
  • Shift industry expectations
  • Impact sustainability and recyclability
  • Utilize the power of collaboration
  • Shape the future of manufacturing

Entries are judged based on five evaluation concepts:

  • Concept and Design
  • Value
  • Impact
  • Production and Delivery
  • Collaboration

Combined Strength Award

This award is presented to the composites product that clearly demonstrates a team approach and effort that brings together knowledge, resources, and talent to produce an incredible example of the best use of composites materials that solves a problem.

Past Winners:
2018 – Creating Functional Composite Parts Using A State of The Art Material And Process Innovation: XSTRAND™
Submitted by: Owens Corning.
2017 – GFRP Wicket Gates: Long Lasting Structures to Ensure Navigable Waterways
Submitted by: Composite Advantage, LLC
2016 – Multi-Material Decklid Concept
Submitted by: Continental Structural Plastics
2015 – BAAM CI (Big Area Additive Manufacturing – Cincinnati Incorporated
Submitted by: Cincinnati Incorporated
2014 – NASA-Boeing Composite Cryotank Technologies & Demonstration (CCTD) Team
Submitted by: NASA in cooperation with Boeing

Unsurpassed Innovation Award

This award is presented to the composites product that clearly demonstrates a novel design that incorporates low-cost materials for high-volume applications or with high performance applications with low-volume materials which delivers a product that is innovative and has the potential to either significantly impact existing or open new markets.

Past Winners:
2018 – Lightweight, Thermoplastic, Recyclable Liftgate Module
Submitted by: Magna Exteriors
2017 – Next Generation CoCure Hybrid Metal/Composite Technology for Transportation
Submitted by: Structural Composites, Inc.
2016 – Fire-resistant FRP Façade Cladding System for Hi-rise Building
Submitted by: Kreysler & Associates
2015 – TCA Ultra Lite – the ultimate lightweighting material
Submitted by: Continental Structural Plastics
2014 – Epitome Quality Foundation Walls
Submitted by: Composite Panel Systems, LLC

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