Bonding & Joining

Listed below are the anticipated Technical Papers and Education Sessions for CAMX. The list below is not final and subject to change at any time. The final program schedule will be available July of 2017.

Bonding & Joining


Adhesive Selection for Skin to Core Bonding in Sandwich Panels [Tech Paper]

Shawn Cissell, Bostik

Characterization and Visoelastic Behavior of a Polyurethane Adhesive with the Potential of Bonding Composites [Tech Paper]

Chad Ulven, North Dakota State University

Composites to Composites

Bonding the Unbondable: Thermoplastics! [Tech Paper]

Hardik Dalal, The Boeing Company

Metal Welding

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as a Pretreatment for Reducing Porosity in Titanium Welds [Tech Paper]

Thomas Williams, Surfx Technologies