Awards for Composites Excellence

Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE), a prestigious composites industry competition, recognizes outstanding achievement and innovation in technology, manufacturing and product development. ACMA, host to the long-standing awards program, will present six awards in three categories at CAMX.

Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) recognizes the outstanding achievement and innovation in technology, manufacturing, and product development. Submit your innovation for consideration and ACMA will present six awards in three categories at CAMX. See details and criteria below. The deadline for ACE Award submissions is July 1.

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Innovation in Green Composites Design Award

This award is presented to the composites product that best exemplifies innovation that lowers/ minimizes the environmental footprint or offers an attractive life cycle assessment (LCA) of the product. The product design should demonstrate application of new or innovative materials, or it should apply a unique design that contributes to efficient manufacturing, delivery, installation and in-service performance leading to energy savings.
Types of companies eligible to enter: product manufacturers, designers, engineers, end-users and academia.

Past Winners:

2017 – Large Scale 3D Printing Using 100% Bio-Composite Materials
Submitted by: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2014 – Blackbird Ukulele Made of Lingrove’s Ekoa Flax/Bioresin Prepreg
Submitted by: Blackbird Guitars
2013 – Low Density Commercial Truck Inner Fender
Submitted by: The Composites Group
2012 – Nomad Mobili: Ultra light, super green composite furniture for life
Submitted by: Nomad Mobili
2011 – Sustainable Composites for Water and Sewer Applications
Submitted by: 3B-the fiberglass company
2010 – BRP Green Wall
Submitted by: Bedford Reinforced Plastics

Most Creative Application Award

This award is presented to the composites product that showcases composites use in a unique, new application or uses composites’ attributes in imaginative, innovative, or artistic ways. The composites product should show evidence of significantly replacing traditional materials, or show innovative use or refinement of existing composites materials that impacts current or new markets. Candidate product entries for this award include both production and prototype/research and development.
Types of companies eligible to enter: product manufacturers, designers, engineers, end-users and academia.

Past Winners:

2018 – Energy Absorbing, Durable, Fire Resistant, Cost-effective, NextGen Composite System
Submitted by: West Virginia University
2017 – Rapid Manufacture of Ultra-High Quality Composite Mirrors
Submitted by: The Aerospace Corporation
2016 – Pultruded FRP Replaces Aluminum for the Silver Flow
Submitted by: Strongwell Corporation
2015 – Advanced Composite Orthotic Systems
Submitted by: Kingetics, LLC
2014 – Stranded Composite Core for High Voltage Transmission Conductors
Submitted by: Celanese Corporation
2013 – Large Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panel Assemblies
Submitted by: Kreysler & Associates
2011 – RAZR Hawk Driver featuring Forged Composite
Submitted by: Callaway Golf Company
2010 – Bridge-in-a-Backpack – a hybrid composite-concrete bridge
Submitted by: University of Maine – Advanced Structures & Composites Center
2007 – Safe Haven Rescue™ Chamber – Prototype mine safe house
Submitted by: Graftech International Ltd
2006 – Composite Bipolar Plate Assembly for Transporation PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Submitted by: Dana Corp. – Plumley Division
2004 – Adhesive Bonded Right Angle Composite Fastener
Submitted by: Click Bond Inc.
2003 – Translucent Metallic FRP Panels
Submitted by: Kreysler and Associates


Equipment and Tooling Innovation Award

This award is presented to the equipment, tooling, production aid, or software that is designed to improve manufacturing production, environmental sustainability, or product quality and performance in composites manufacturing. The entry must demonstrate improvement or efficiency in the manufacturing of a specific end-use composites product.
Types of companies eligible to enter: Equipment Suppliers, Tooling Manufacturers, Software Developers, Product Manufacturers.

Past Winners:

2018 – Smart Manufacturing Helper Using Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0
Submitted by: Ruiz Aerospace
2017 – Comprehensive Composite Manufacturing Platform
Submitted by: Autodesk
2016 – Innovative Robotic Preform Cell providing 3D Stacking and Control
Submitted by: Composite Alliance Corp.
2015 – Productive Engineering Software for Virtual Allowable Generation
Submitted by: e-Xstream
2014 – Near Dripless Resin Impregnation Applicator for Filament Winding Applications
Submitted by: TSE Industries Inc.
2013 – MTI® (Membrane Tube Infusion) Goes American
German Advanced Composites Inc.
2012 – Belotti’s CNC “UVF” Universal Vacuum Fixture
Submitted by: Stiles Machinery
2011 – Multi-directional (MD) Reinforcement System
Submitted by: MD Fibertech Corporation

Material and Process Innovation Award

This award is presented for a material or process that best contributes to efficient manufacturing and product sustainability. The entries should demonstrate use of innovative materials, production techniques or methods that result in better quality, reduced production costs, increased production rates and volume, or reduced life cycle costs. The entry must demonstrate its application in the manufacturing of a specific, end-use composites product.
Types of companies eligible to enter: Product Manufacturers, Material Suppliers.

Past Winners:
2018 – Torsional welding of PDC sensors on thin wall fascia
Submitted by: Magna Exteriors
2017 – CFRTP Processing Technology Using Commingling, Fiber Laying, and Light Molding
Submitted by: Gifu University
2016 – 3D Printing of High Temperature Thermoplastic Molds
Submitted by: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2015 – Nanosilica Infused Resin to use in Automotive Driveshafts
Submitted by: QA1 Precision Products
2014 – 3D Printing Continuous Strand Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber and Kevlar Composites
Submitted by: Blackbird Guitars
2013 – Harvest Vehicle Roof – Class A, In-Mold Decorated, Glass Reinforced Polyurethane
Submitted by: Romeo RIM
2011 – Acell Monolithic Composite Process
Submitted by: Italpresse/Acell USA
2010 – One Way Flap Valve Using MIR Technology
Submitted by: Composites Solutions Pty Ltd
2007 – Hollow Thermoset BMC Appliance Handles
Submitted by: Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc.
2006 – SmartPipe
Submitted by: Smart Pipe Company, LP
2004 – Pultruded PVC Shapes
Submitted by: Strongwell
2003 – General Aviation Constant Speed Composite Propeller Blade
Submitted by: AeroComposites, Inc.


Composites Sustainability Award

This award is presented to the composites product that clearly demonstrates an improvement in the environmental impact of the products use. The composites product must support the attributes of sustainability as defined by the products use and end-of-life phase in sustainable development. The product must demonstrate one or more of the following in the use-phase – energy, water, and emissions, either conserving or creating, or the end-of-life phase that includes demolition, disposal and/or recycling.
Types of companies eligible to enter: Product Manufacturers, End-Users, Academia.

Past Winners:
2014 – Lightweight Composite Air Cargo Container Lowers Lifecycle Costs
Submitted by: Cargo Composites
2013 – Helical Turbine Blades & End Caps for Sovonius Wind Turbine
Submitted by: Plastics Unlimited, Inc.
2012 – E2e Materials Transform Worksurface
Submitted by: e2e Materials, Inc.
2011 – 2011 Chevrolet Volt SMC Battery Cover Assembly
Submitted by: Continental Structural Plastics

Infinite Possibility for Market Growth Award

This award is presented to the composites product that demonstrates the potential to significantly increase the use of composites in existing markets or generate the greatest impact to open new and emerging markets for composites. This product exemplifies innovation, creativity, and commercialization leading to market growth.
Types of companies that can enter:Product Manufacturers, Academia.

Past Winners:

2018 – Large Area 3D Printer for Thermoset Materials
Submitted by: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2017 – Ford/Magna Carbon Fiber Subframe
Submitted by: Ashland LLC
2016 – 2017 Honda Ridgeline Weatherable SMC Truck Bed
Submitted by: Ashland Performance Materials
2015 – Composites Help Steer Toward a Wireless Road Infrastructure
Submitted by: Strongwell Corporation
2014 – Epitome Quality Foundation Walls
Submitted by: Composite Panel Systems, LLC
2013 – DOW/CFT Tequatic Plus ™ F-50 Fine Particle Filter Vessel
Submitted by: Ershigs, Inc.
2012 – Trane Hyperion Air Handler SMC Panels
Submitted by: Continental Structural Plastics.
2011 – Lightweight Glass Made Type 4 CNG Cyclinder
Submitted by: GASTANK SWEDEN
2010 – Hybrid Composite Beam
Submitted by: Harbor Technologies, LLC
2007 – COMPOSOLITE® Bridge Repair Scaffolding
Submitted by: Strongwell
2006 – GRIDFORM FRP Bridge Deck Panels
Submitted by: Strongwell – Bristol Division
2004 – Carbon Cat Pre-cast Concrete Reinforcement
Submitted by: Altus Group
2003 – Insituform SP Manufactured by the Multiple Viscosity Infusion (MVI) Process
Submitted by: Insituform Technologies

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