ACE Awards 2017

  1. Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel made with Recycled Continuous Carbon Fiber


    Carbon fiber recycled by Vartega and sized by Michelman has been provided to Steelhead Composites for incorporation into new pressure vessels and to close the loop on their manufacturing scrap.

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  2. Biodegradable 3-D Printed Molds for FRP Tank Part Manufacturing

    Design Tanks LLC

    In a research to use biodegradable mold, several materials were investigated. It was noted that the 3D printed molds take less time to make.

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  3. Large Scale 3D Printing Using 100% Bio-Composite Materials

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), in collaboration with industrial partners, have developed and demonstrated large scale 3D printing using 100% bio-based and biodegradable composites

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  1. Rapid Manufacture of Ultra-High Quality Composite Mirrors

    The Aerospace Corporation

    The Aerospace Corporation has developed a processing method to manufacture replicated composite mirrors with high optical quality and dimensional stability under varying hygrothermal environments.

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  2. Composites Lift the World’s First Electric Flying Surfboard


    Strongwell’s custom pultruded mast, co-developed with Lift Foils, provides the strong, lightweight backbone of the revolutionary Lift eFoil, the world’s first electric foil board.

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  3. One-Piece Molded High Performance Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bicycle Frame

    Cervelo Cycles/Vroomen White Design

    The Cervélo P5X is a new concept in design and manufacturing for a high performance carbon fiber composite triathlon bicycle.

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  4. Golf Swing Training (LAG) Device

    Tsunami Bar, LLC

    Pultruded composites are used with thermoplastic tubes to give unique bending characteristics that enables the training of a proper golf swing.

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  5. Composite Self-Driving Shuttle by Additive Manufacturing

    Local Motors

    The Olli self-driving shuttle is a low speed electric vehicle transportation solution for widespread application as a people mover.

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  1. Composite Material Roll and Kit Life Tracking Software

    JETCAM International s.a.r.l

    CrossTrack provides traceability of location and life from delivery of composite rolls or tapes, in and out of the freezer, the cutting room, layup and the autoclave.

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  2. Comprehensive Composite Manufacturing Platform


    Autodesk provides a comprehensive tool set creating an end-to-end solution for composite manufacturers.

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  3. Reusable Shipping and Storage Containers for High Value Assets

    PRC Composites

    PRC Composites is providing a family of composite shipping and storage containers for a large aircraft engine component supplier.

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  1. Out-of-Autoclave Process: Low Cost, Low Cycle Time Motorcycle Helmets

    Vistex Composites, LLC

    The helmet is made from external layers of woven carbon fiber and internal layers of Innegra Tech’s high performance Innegra™ Solefin fibers.

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  2. CFRTP Processing Technology Using Commingling, Fiber Laying, and Light Molding

    Gifu University

    This process provides a high flexibility of design, high fabrication yield, and easy shaping carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) molding product

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  3. Significant Weight Reduction of Aircraft Seat

    Oxeon AB

    TeXtreme® used calculation, simulation and manufacturing support to help HAECO reduce the weight of the aircraft seat by almost 20%.

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  4. 3D Foam Printing Technology

    University of Central Florida

    The University of Central Florida (UCF) with its industry partner SegAna, LLC have developed a 3D Foam Printer and materials systems.

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  1. Low Cost Carbon Fiber (LCCF)

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    LCCF technology is the first to meet the cost and performance requirements for main stream domestic automotive and other high volume cost sensitive applications.

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  2. Curved Pultrusion Process Applied to Highly Engineered Hollow Profiles

    Shape Corp

    Shape Corp has developed a curved pultruded component that will start soon for automotive applications and other industries.

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  3. Ford/Magna Carbon Fiber Subframe

    Ashland LLC

    Magna International Inc in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, have developed a prototype carbon fiber composite subframe that not only reduces the weight of the vehicle but also consolidates the number of parts needed in its assembly by over 80%.

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