2017 Poster Session Winners


Design and Development of FRP Composite Wicket Gates For Inland Navigation

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This poster highlights on the successful installation of the first fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite wicket gates in the US navigational infrastructure. These navigational lock gates need to be light-weight, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and durable with high endurance under fatigue loads. These requirements were very difficult to achieve by using conventional materials. But, with the emergence of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, it has now been possible to accomplish above-mentioned requirements that too at a competitive cost. This poster covers the design, manufacturing, experimental test results, cost analysis, and field implementation of a novel FRP wicket gate in the Mississippi River.

West Virginia University, Piyush Soti, PV Vijay


Thermoplastic Coating of Glass Fibres

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A new production of glass fibre reinforcement thermoplastic is presented. Polyamid 12 powder is first blown at a single glass filament while the spinning process. In a second step, the powder is melted on the glass filament surface. The last step, is the winding of the thermoplastic coated glass filament.

ITA of RWTH Aachen University, Robert Brüll, Alexander Lüking, Davide Pico, Thomas Gries


Composites Recycling Technician Education Program (CRTEP): Building the New Composites Workforce

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Composite recycling is crucial and our industry needs to lead its efforts. This creates an impending need for education of current/upcoming composite technicians to properly identify, handle, sort, and catalogue composite fiberglass and carbon fiber waste stream material in manufacturing settings. CRTEP’s end goal is to develop a database that houses and tracks various composite waste stream materials across the industry that will also incorporate modules to serve as a database-learning tool. This tool can be retrofit to an existing program providing a certificate pathway, used as continuing education for current technicians, or used by industry for training programs.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Kristin Hardin, Brian Pillay
Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology, Ann Avary

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