Conference Program

CAMX offers the most robust Conference Program anywhere for the composites and advanced materials industries.

Delivering detailed Technical Papers, Education Sessions hosted by industry thought leaders, and a Poster Session highlighting cutting edge research, the CAMX Conference Program offers timely topics and industry experts — sharing their knowledge of over 100 different topics.

The CAMX 2017 detailed schedule is now available. Use the MyCAMX Planner to search Conference Programs, Exhibitors, and everything in store for you at CAMX.

Detailed Schedule

Attendees can expect the latest applications and research from key areas throughout the industry, arranged within the following tracks:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advances in  Materials
  • Business, Regulatory & Workforce Development
  • Design, Analysis, & Simulation
  • Green & Sustainability
  • Manufacturing and Processing Technologies
  • Market Applications
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation and Testing

The Conference Program will consist of a variety of formats including:

Opening General Session:  CAMX Live!

Disruptive innovation is generally known to be something that creates a new market or disrupts an existing market by displacing established market leaders.  Can composites and advanced materials do this with the traditional materials we compete with?  We believe it can, and there are many examples in our industry which are demonstrating this.  The general session will provide examples of how companies are thinking about designing and creating in new ways to make radical changes to products and the industry.  Take away a few ideas on innovation and some inspiration for the future of composites and advanced materials.  During the session, the CAMX Award winners, sponsored by Ashland, will also be presented.

All CAMX attendees may attend the Opening General Session.

CAMX Featured Sessions

These sessions focus on composites innovation, market growth, and hot topics associated with advanced materials technologies. With presentations by high-level industry leaders and technical experts, CAMX Featured Sessions deliver cutting-edge information you’ll use to improve your products and processes, expand your business, and plan for the future.

Additive Manufacturing in the Sustainment Environment
Additive Manufacturing Standards Development and Coordination
Bonding, Joining and Hybrid Joints
Modeling & Simulation
Recycling and Re-use of Composites – Sustainability for Market Expansion
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Digital Thread for Composites Part Manufacturing

Technical Papers

Technical Papers are 25 minute presentations and include formal written research papers reviewed by industry peers. Find presentations that address critical areas important to the composites and advanced materials industry from business, applications, and research perspectives.

View the detailed schedule for scheduled Technical Papers.

Congratulations to the 2016 Outstanding Technical Paper Award Winners:

Additive Manufacturing
UV Cure Applications
Lightweight Replicated Composite Mirrors using UV Cured Resin
Geena Ferrelli, The Aerospace Corporation

Advances in Materials
High Temperature Resins & Adhesives
Advances in MG Resin Composite and Processing for High Temperature Applications
Richard Hreha, Cornerstone Research Group

Design, Analysis, and Simulation
Advanced Design, Analysis, and Verification
Direct Laminate Selection for Simultaneous Weight Reduction, and, Strength and Layup Speed Increase
Stephen Tsai, Stanford University

Green & Sustainability
Renewable & Bio-Composites Materials
Renewable Thermoplastics from Lignin with Exceptional Properties and their Composites
Amit Naskar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Manufacturing & Processing Technologies
Out-of-Autoclave (OOA)
Demonstration of an Inflatable, Collapsible Pressure Intensifier for Out-of-Autoclave Composite Processing Using BMI Prepreg
Stephen Scarborough, ILC Dover

Market Applications
Aerospace and Defense
Waterjet Capabilities for Aeroengine Manufacturing Needs
Mohamed Hashish, Flow International Corporation

Market Applications
Transportation and Consumer
Improved Performance of Filament-Wound Composite Drive Shafts with Next Generation Inorganic Nanoparticle-Filled Epoxy Resins
James Nelson, 3M

Non-Destructive Evaluation & Testing
Non-Destructive Inspection & Testing
Time Temperature Indicator Film for Monitoring Composite Repair Adhesive Cure using Thermochromic Fluorescent Molecules
Ryan Toivola, University of Washington

Education Sessions

Education Sessions are typically 45 minutes long (some may be longer) and are not accompanied by formal research papers, instead they focus more on case studies, best practices, issue reviews, etc. These sessions are presented as lectures, panels, and/or discussions by subject area experts and will provide you with valuable information in a multitude of areas.

View the detailed schedule for scheduled Education Sessions.

Pre-conference Tutorials

Pre-conference Tutorials will be held on Monday, September 11, and are three-hour courses that fully immerse attendees in a single area of focus. Attending a Pre-conference Tutorial builds a foundation for improved learning and understanding for the duration of the conference.

Poster Session

The Poster Session is a collection of work highlighting significant research conducted by companies and universities. Posters will be on display at CAMX from September 11-14, and authors will be available during certain times for discussion and questions.


Christie McCabe, ACMA
Briana Condon, SAMPE