CAMX Technical Paper Awards

The 2016 CAMX Steering Committee congratulates the CAMX Technical Paper Award Winners! Each awardee has addressed critical areas important to the composites and advanced materials industry from business, applications, and research perspectives.

Congratulations to:

Geena Ferrelli, The Aerospace Corporation – Lightweight Replicated Composite Mirrors using UV Cured Resin

Mohamed Hashish, Flow International Corporation – Waterjet Capabilities for Aeroengine Manufacturing Needs

Richard Hreha, Cornerstone Research Group – Advances in MG Resin Composite and Processing for High Temperature Applications

Amit Naskar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Renewable Thermoplastics from Lignin with Exceptional Properties and their Composites

James Nelson, 3M – Improved Performance of Filament-Wound Composite Drive Shafts with Next Generation Inorganic Nanoparticle-Filled Epoxy Resins

Stephen Scarborough, ILC Dover – Demonstration of an Inflatable, Collapsible Pressure Intensifier for Out-of-Autoclave Composite Processing Using BMI Prepreg

Stephen Tsai, Stanford University – Direct Laminate Selection for Simultaneous Weight Reduction, and, Strength and Layup Speed Increase

Ryan Toivola, University of Washington – Time Temperature Indicator Film for Monitoring Composite Repair Adhesive Cure using Thermochromic Fluorescent Molecules